Howlin’ Wolf Menu

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“Because she’s gone…I don’t worry. I’m sitting on top of the world”

Thin & crispy pizza baked in our stone-based oven. An aged dough process gives one of the most delicate & light pizzas.

(Gluten free base available)

Margherita (v) (vegan available) £9.50
Margarita with extra salsa & fresh herbs

Barbacoa Blues £10.50
Tomato & herb sauce, Barbacoa beef, smoked sausage, duo of bbq sauce & mozzarella

Mannish Boy £10.50
Tomato & herb sauce, roast peppers, coriander, pickled chilli, haggis & mozzarella

Mama Got Soul £10.50
Tomato & herb sauce, Soul spice chicken, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese & mozzarella

Vegan Blues (vegan) £9.50
Tomato & herb sauce, roast pepper, spiced pumpkin, coriander & vegan mozarella

Customise your pizza & add any of our toppings as an extra £1

“He’s gonna be a Son of a Gun, He’s gonna make pretty woman’s jump and shout!”

Nachos (v) (vegan available) £5.95
Crisp, lightly spiced corn tortilla chips smothered with fiery salsa, cheese sauce, jalapeno peppers, sour cream & guacamole

Still Not enough?
Add Molasses Pulled Pork, Salt Beef Chilli or Soul Spiced Chicken £1.50 each

Stay around a little longer (v) (vegan available) £10.50
B.B. King-sized portion of nachos…

Still Not enough?
Add Molasses Pulled Pork, Salt Beef Chilli or Soul Spiced Chicken £2.50 each

Wingin’ it x6 £6.95 x12 £11.95
The Wolf’s 3-part chicken wings, crisp-fried & coated in your choice of sauce or spice
Choose from:
Honey & siracha Glaze, Smokey BBQ, Roast Garlic & Sea Salt,
Hot Sauce, Classic Cajun Spice

Spiced Cauliflower Wings (vegan) £6.95
The Wolf’s vegan wings. Spiced & fried cauliflower florets with cool salsa, dill pickles & fresh coriander

Loaded Skins £6.95
The Wolf’s crispy loaded skins. Crispy potato skins glazed with melted cheddar & topped with sour cream. Perfect for a sharing side or a healthy appetite!

– Loaded with –
Soul spiced chicken, crispy bacon & haggis
Molasses pulled pork or salt beef chilli w Jalapenos & crispy onions
Roast pepper, cajun spiced paneer, fresh coriander & a cool salsa (v)
Vegan mozzarella, spiced pumpkin & 5 bean chilli (vegan)

Louisiana Hot Pot
Served with set sour cream, hot sauce, rice & Glasgow cornbread
Choose from:
Slow Roast Pork & Smoked Sausage £9.95
Barbacoa Beef £9.50
Roast Vegetable & 5 Bean Chilli £9.00

“You give it all. He wants more. There’s a Wolf at your door”

All our burgers are made in house & come with gem lettuce, fresh tomato, dill pickle, house burger sauce & twice-cooked chips.

Add Any Extra toppings you see £1

Got a beef with beef? Try any as charred chicken burger

(GF bun available)

The Naked Wolf £10.25
8oz beef burger with The Wolf’s garnish

The Wolf £12.50
8oz beef burger, Monterey jack cheese, molasses pulled pork & crisp onion rings

Southern Soul £11.50
Southern fried chicken breast, Alabama sauce, cool salsa

The Bayou Beast £11.95
8oz beef burger, double bacon, guacamole, jalapenos & mozzarella

Saint Joan (Vegan) £9.95
Cajun creole bean burger, fried green tomatoes, vegan cheese & a cool salsa

Skinny Fries £4.50

Sweet Potato Fries £4.95

Chunky Chips £4.75

Onion Rings & Pickles £4.25

Garlic & Cheese Empanada £4.50

Baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese £4.25

Hickory BBQ Sauce £1

Alabama BBQ Sauce £1

Hot Sauce £1

Chipotle Mayo £1

Sweet Chilli Dip £1

Garlic Mayo £1

Cool Salsa £1

“I got a cool-shaking baby. Shake like jello on a plate”

Baked Vanilla & Bourbon Cheesecake £5.50
with candied pecans

Flourless Dark Chocolate Brownie £5.50
With salted caramel & vanilla ice cream

Oatmeal ‘n’ Raisin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich £4.95
With toffee sauce

Americano £2.55

Latte £2.95

Cappuccino £2.95

Mocha £2.95

Hot chocolate £2.60

Macchiato £2.55

Espresso £2.50

Dbl Espresso £3.05

Tea £2.10